About Libramen Naturals


Libramen Naturals was started in 2014 and is a functional food/beverage company.  So what is a functional food/beverage? This is taking a food or beverage and adding something to it that is beneficial or may even improve one’s health. Libramen Naturals was started by two professors from McMaster University, one a neurologist (Dr. Michel Rathbone) and the other a neurobiologist (Dr. Shucui Jiang). We decided to stick with what we know best and focus on brain health. As for the “something added” we work with natural products/extracts utilizing the extensive background and knowledge of one of our founders, Dr. Shucui Jiang, who continues to work with natural products and herbal mixtures in China.

Our goal at Libramen Naturals is not to change the flavour of your favourite food or beverage but rather to retain the familiar tastes associated with them, sometimes adding a little extra to the flavour and remove the need for extra supplements or pills that add up day after day. We really hope you enjoy our products and would love to hear from you at


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